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Effective July 1st, 2010 per Department of Community Health Birth and Death Certificates Fees are $25.00 for first copy $5.00 for each additional copy on same day of service.

The Probate Court of Houston County issues all birth and death certificates that occurred in the state of Georgia.

General Information

Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are not public record. There are a limited number of people who may apply to receive a certified copy of birth certificate.

Acceptable Persons

  • Person listed on birth certificate
  • Either natural parent of person on birth certificate (must be listed on birth certificate)
  • Adoptive parents of person on birth certificate (adoptive parents names must be listed on birth certificate)
  • Grandparents of person on birth certificate
  • Siblings of person on birth certificate
  • Spouse of person on birth certificate


Death Certificates

Death certificates are available to the public. However, OCGA (Chapter 31-10) and DHR Rules (290-1-03) prohibits the release of confidential medical information to anyone except the next of kin and other authorized persons.

Fees for Birth and Death Certificates

It is $25.00 for the first copy of a certificate and $5.00 for each additional copy of a certificate per visit. An application listing general information must be filled out by the requester on both birth and death certificates. You may request a copy in person, online or by mail.

To request certified copies online

For your convenience, you can process online requests through an independent company that Houston County Probate Court has partnered with to provide you this service; VitalChek Network, Inc.  VitalChek can be reached through its website,  

An additional fee is charged by VitalChek for using this service, and all major credit cards are accepted, including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or Visa®.

To request certified copies by mail

You may request a birth or death certificate by mail by following these directions:

Complete a written request with the following information:

  • Name as it should appear on the birth certificate
  • Date of Birth
  • County of Birth
  • Mother's name
  • Father's name
  • List your relationship to the person on the birth certificate (i.e. self, mother, father, etc.)

Enclose a copy of your picture ID
Enclose a self addressed stamped envelope
Number of certificates you are requesting
Enclose a money order for the total amount of certificates you are requesting (fees listed above)

Out of state vital records

For Vital Records not occurring in the State of Georgia, please visit VitalChek's home page and choose the appropriate location. Vitalchek.

For further information, please send Erica Bass or Megan Willson an email at or

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