Estate Cases


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Probate Cases Ready to Schedule Appointment

Estate Name Estate Number
Cynthia Abdur-Raheem 2021-ES-457
Betty Mayhew Anderson (scheduled) 2021-ES-371
Sarah Bob W. Arthur 2021-ES-471
Hettie Pearl Askew 2021-ES-357
Sara Moore Bailey 2021-ES-454
Charlie L. Blackmon (scheduled) 2021-ES-303
Shirley J. Bowlin 2021-ES-456
Betty F. Clark 2021-ES-474
Sue N. Cottrell 2021-ES-244
Evelyn W. Doward 2021-ES-316
Billy D. Durden 2021-ES-345
Roger William East 2021-ES-468
Nelson Fowler 2021-ES-435
James Wendell Gambrell 2021-ES-398
Joanne Oberle Good 2021-ES-401
William Rufus Hamil (scheduled) 2021-ES-358
Bobby Hendrix 2021-Es-413
Mack McCoy Henson 2021-ES-411
Cecil A. Hinnant (scheduled) 2021-ES-313
David Woodrow Holly, Jr. 2021-ES-444
Tommy R. Hunter 2021-ES-443
Otto Jenson Jr. 2021-ES-455
Theresa Dupont King (scheduled) 2021-ES-310
Cynthia G. McClendon 2021-ES-458
Terry B. McConnell (scheduled) 2021-ES-300
James W. Mosely 2021-ES-318
Donna Moss (scheduled) 2019-ES-330
Mary Frances Phillips (scheduled) 2021-ES-281
Dale G. Roles 2021-ES-440
Jose E. Tallet (scheduled) 2021-ES-362
Donald Allen Tatman 2021-ES-438
Lowell P. Taylor 2021-ES-404
Rosie May Taylor 2021-ES-288
Patricia Thomas (scheduled) 2021-ES-321
Steven F. Thomas (scheduled) 2021-ES-354
Fred Toles 2020-ES-428
Naomi Walker (scheduled) 2021-ES-393
Judith A. Van Zante (scheduled) 2021-ES-463